Have you seen “A Marriage Story”? The movie shows a couple hoping for an amicable divorce and how the attorneys change the entire tone of their family and the process. Safe to say that The Amicable Divorce Network is where the “Alan Aldas” are.

In Vanity Fair, Alda said of his character, a reasonable and resolution-minded attorney and the marriage at the focus of the movie:
“The thing that I love about the movie is that it shows that people fall in love, they get married. They have to learn to communicate to keep the marriage going,” Alda explained. “When that communication breaks down and they get a divorce, they suddenly find they had to communicate even better and more than they did when they were married or the divorce is going to be a disaster. Children will suffer, they’ll suffer. The odd thing is—you get a divorce because you’re not communicating well and then you better communicate even better [to navigate a divorce]. And I think the movie illustrates that.”

Tracy Ann Moore-Grant