Membership Requirements

In order to be considered for membership, applicants must possess a commitment to keeping the divorce process amicable when enlisted for the amicable divorce process, be licensed and/or certified in a profession that directly affects the divorce process and be in good standing with the licensing or certification entity.  Some categories have additional requirements for membership so please review your particular areas.

Membership can be obtained by receiving an invitation from the Amicable Divorce Network which reflects that a member has recommended you and that recommendation has been approved. Membership can also be achieved by a potential member filling out an Application for Membership and the application being approved.

Membership Benefits

  • Working with like-minded individuals to help families through the divorce process
  • Be part of a referral network where you know other professionals will be amicable
  • Training on the Amicable Divorce Process
  • Regular educational events which assist members with obtaining the best training in their industry
  • Regular meetings among members offered in person an on Zoom
  • Ability to be a part of Divorce Town USA at a reduced rate to promote your services
  • Online promotion of your services on our website, Facebook site and more
  • Brochures and cards for your office about the Amicable Divorce Process to assist clients
  • A website badge to reflect you are an Amicable Divorce Network Member
  • Personal satisfaction in assisting families during this difficult time

Membership Process

In order to become a member of the ADN,  you can be invited to join by the Network or submit an application for approval.  The current ADN Board will review your application. If approved, you will then be able to submit your information to the network and pay your corresponding annual membership fee.

Persons applying for membership should use the form below:

2020-21 ADN Membership Application Form

Please forward any questions you may have as well as your completed application to