Membership Categories

In general membership is limited to 12-20 members per category per county which is determined based on county population. Some categories (ex: mortgage brokers) is limited by a fixed number for the entire network and is not defined by geography (see our membership form for specific numbers and details).


Attorney (Practice Area: Family Law)

Attorney (Practice Area: Will & Estate Planning)

Alternate Dispute Resolution



Parent Coordinator


Certified Public Accountant

Financial Advisor/Planner/Analyst/Wealth Manager

Certified Divorce Financial Professional

Business Valuation

Forensic Accountant

Mental Health

Mental Health Professional (Specializing in Children)

Mental Health Professional (Specializing in Adolescents)

Mental Health Professional (Specializing in Adults)

Mental Health Professional (Specializing in Couples)

Mental Health Professional (Specializing in Co-Parenting)

Other areas

Real Estate Agent/Broker (Residential Real Estate)

Mortgage Broker/Lender

Insurance Agent (Specializing in Property and Casualty Insurance)

Insurance Agent (Specializing in Health and Life Insurance)

Property Appraiser

Coaches (life, divorce, image, nutrition and other)

Wellness Professionals