Membership Requirements & Process

Membership to the Amicable Divorce Network is either by invitation from our board or application and approval.  If a potential member is presented to our board, they may issue an invitation directly to the professional to join.  If an invitation has not been issued, any interested professional may apply to join.  Interested members should have a minimum of 5 years of experience in their profession, be in good standing with an active license in any area they wish to be a member, and will need to provide 3 professional references. Potential members should fill out the application on this page and email it to: References and any other information, such as a cover letter, may also be sent with the application.

Applications will then be forwarded to the board member in charge of the respective profession for evaluation. Attorney applicants will also be vetted by the county chairperson for having a reputation of a resolution mindset and amicable practices. Applicants will then be notified about membership in writing.

Applicants in all areas (except for Parent Coordinators) should have experience in the divorce industry, should have held their license/certification/degree associated with their primary membership field for a minimum of 5 years. Any applicant in the mortgage industry must obtain their CDMP designation within 12 months of their ADN membership.

Membership is for a 12 month period.

Membership is limited both by category and by geographic location. Currently our organization only serves Metro Atlanta and North Georgia but is expanding to the area south of Atlanta and Macon. Securing your industry and county are granted on a first come first granted basis. Once a category is full, professionals may ask to be placed on a waiting list in the event there is an opening. Professionals seeking to join who have not received an invitation should fill out the form below:

2020-21 ADN Membership Application Form

Members looking to renew their membership, or members who have received an invitation to join, should use the below form below for membership.

2021ADN Membership form QR

If you have any questions, or are seeking more information, please email

If you have any questions, or are seeking more information, please email


Working with like-minded individuals to help families through the divorce process

Be part of a referral network where you know other professionals will be amicable

Training on the Amicable Divorce Process

Regular educational events which assist members with obtaining the best training in their industry

Regular meetings among members offered in person an on Zoom

Ability to be a part of Divorce Town USA at a reduced rate to promote your services

Online promotion of your services on our website, Facebook site and more

Brochures and cards for your office about the Amicable Divorce Process to assist clients

A website badge to reflect you are an Amicable Divorce Network Member

Personal satisfaction in assisting families during this difficult time