The Amicable Divorce Process vs. a Traditional Divorce

The Amicable Divorce Process vs. a Traditional Divorce 

Comparisons of the Divorce Process

For a deeper look at the difference between a traditional/contested case in Georgia and an Amicable Divorce, please review the information on the following pages.

The traditional divorce timeline set by the court system is for an indefinite time period. From the initial date of service a party has 30 days to answer and the discovery process can go on as long as six months.  The longer the process, the more conflict it generates between the parties and the higher the cost. The average cost of a divorce in the United States is $15,000.00* per person with some areas reporting up to $26,000 per person. The average length of divorce in Georgia is six months (in non-Covid conditions).

The Amicable Divorce Network was founded to change the way people divorce in Georgia. The process is designed to benefit the parties going through the divorce with a focus on creating a lower conflict process to benefit families, not lawyers. The Amicable Divorce Process is an individualized approach to divorce as one procedure does not work for all cases and families. You work with your chosen attorney to determine what information and documentation you need to negotiate settlement in your case and the timeline.

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The Amicable Divorce Process 

Depending on the needs of the parties, the Amicable Divorce Process can be accelerated or slowed down as the process is entirely flexible. Parties should communicate to their selected attorneys their desired timeline for their case.   Parties have a multitude of professionals available to them in the Amicable Divorce Network to assist them before, during, and after divorce.

The attorneys in the Amicable Divorce Network have received training which is specific to the organization. They will discuss the needs of the parties and will develop a personalized timeline for the process. Items that will be discussed and agreed upon, are should the parties exchange additional documentation, do they need financial or other professionals to assist them in the process, when will they attend mediation, and any other issues that need to be addressed. They will agree upon an formulate the deadlines for the process and give a copy to each party. The parties will then work to gather information and reach a negotiated settlement in their case. If they are unable to resolve all of their issues, they will attend arbitration to resolve all issues outside of the court system.

Once a settlement is reached and filed with the court, the parties will need to wait at least 31 days (the minimum in Georgia) for their case to be finalized by the Court. During this time many jurisdictions require the parties to take a parenting class and parties may also need to work with mortgage brokers, financial professionals and more to effectuate the terms of their divorce. The Amicable Divorce Network provides vetted and experienced professionals to assist in every stage of the divorce process.