Welcome to the Amicable Divorce Network

The Amicable Divorce Network is a group of local attorneys, mediators, psychologists, financial professionals and other professionals with experience in family law who have come together to assist parties seeking a respectful divorce process. We are currently only serving the North Georgia area and metro Atlanta area. Professionals in the network have made a commitment to respect the amicable divorce process to help parties navigate divorce while providing experienced advice and services along the way. Please look around at our information or reach out to amicabledivorcenetwork@gmail.com in order to obtain more information.

What is an amicable divorce?

Amicable Divorce is a process whereby the parties to the divorce, and their selected professionals, are committed to settling their matter in a low conflict and efficient matter. A divorcing couple agrees to use members of the network for their case so that everyone involved has the same amicable mindset.

What is the Amicable Divorce Network?

The network consists of local attorneys, mediators, psychological professionals, financial professionals, arbitrators and parent coordinators who by joining the network are committed to working together to provide a low conflict divorce experience for families.

By joining the network, the professionals agree that when contacted about an Amicable Divorce by a client, they agree to honor the client’s desire to keep their process as peaceful as possible while still providing advice to their client and negotiating on their behalf.

How is an Amicable Divorce different from a traditional divorce?

Although there are many differences, the main ones are that with an Amicable Divorce, both parties agree to use professionals in the network for their case and to make every effort to fully settle their case PRIOR to filing anything with the court. Parties may negotiate themselves, through their attorneys or utilize the mediation or arbitration process to resolve their differences. The parties are agreeing to make every effort to resolve their case prior to entering the court system or seeking judicial intervention.


With a traditional divorce, the process generally starts with the filing of a court action and each party selecting attorneys and professionals who may have different attitudes towards the process which can lead to increased cost, time and conflict.

There is a better way.

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